the great mofongo (erik3k) wrote in liz_phair,
the great mofongo

whip smart!

i went to see liz phair tonight! in first ave. (which is in minneapolis, for those in the liz community). i have never met liz phans before, except my friend jeremy, and it was great! everyone was really nice. i met a bunch of people and then this guy asked me if i have seen her before, and i said that i have waited since 1992 to see her, and they moved me to the front/center. i was right next to the stage and liz was about 5 feet from me the whole time. i got a guitar pick and she even looked at me and smiled (then again i had the huge goggles (points at my icon, which is a pic of me, for those in the community) and most people always check them out, so i think liz was wondering what the hell i was wearing on my face. she touched my hand after the show and all that. i left the show and like literally a bunch of liz phans were out and we talked a lot and hung out. it was really neat. i always thought i was a hardcore phan, but everyone had me beat. i did had the seniority and the chicagoness on all of them, but that's about it. it was way way too cool!

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